Andrew Geoffrey Vineyard - St. Helena AVA

Andrew Geoffrey Vineyard
St. Helena AVA

Starting at 1850 feet, Andrew Geoffrey’s Vineyard is situated on the highest slopes on Diamond Mountain, in the Mayacamas Range of Napa Valley. With slopes up to 41 percent, the rolling vineyard sits on Diamond Mountain’s eastern facing slopes and captures the morning sunlight. The soil of Andrew Geoffrey is a fine, grey, dusty volcanic ash with bits of compressed volcanic glass.

Wine from the Diamond Mountain AVA has a lush structure and broad tannins. The area imparts high notes of red fruit, bright black fruit qualities, and hints of forest floor and minerality.

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Northwestern edge of Napa Valley

Size and Acreage:

13 acres


Cabernet Sauvignon


An undulating topography, up to 41% grades, the vineyard’s eastern exposure heats the vineyard as the powdery soils cool the vines


Volcanic Tufa and loamy, porous volcanic ash mixed with volcanic glass